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lesson #3: say yes to faux fur!


My sleeping bag was hot pink, but you get the idea. It's amazing!

Is there anything less natural than pink and purple fur? Indeed, is there anything that says “slumber party princess” more than pink and purple FUR? I guess my point here is that it’s okay to be a little over-the-top. If your gut tells you it’s a good thing, your gut is probably right. Many of my fashion decisions were gut decisions, and I must admit, sometimes I probably crossed some line, but there truly are NO fashion police and I was never in a Glamour “don’t” photo, so all is well.

In the second grade or thereabouts, I wore a purple fur winter coat. It had white trim down the front and around the hood and toggle buttons. No one I knew had anything like it and I loved that about the coat. I have no memory of buying the coat, but my Grammy keeps popping in my head as I recall it, so perhaps she took me shopping for it and then we both had to con my grandpa into buying it for “us.”


Grampy never said no—at least not to Grammy!

My other grandmother, Ruth, bought a hot pink fur sleeping bag with yellow lining for me and, again, no one I knew had anything like that either! Lucky me. I was destined to be an original.

Sure there were times when it would have been easier to blend in, to have the icon-du-jour sleeping bag, lunch box, winter coat, but looking back on it, I genuinely loved those ostentatious pieces and also genuinely love that my grandmothers on both sides were totally pleased to share said fashion audacity with me.


Come to think of it, they both were quite the style mavens. Grammy had a closet full of shoes, high heeled only. She wore girdles (the old fashioned version of Spanx), panty hose, blouses made from shiny material, the whole works. For awhile she even had one of those hairdos that was an updo and had to be professionally done.

Grandma Ruth had a totally different style, but high heels were a part of her fashion repertoire as well. I recall one hiking trip (ugh, I hated those) where she hiked a trail at Turkey Run State Park  in wedgy corkie sandals. So, if you find yourself in such situations, you come by it naturally. I have been known to sport some interesting nature gear myself. I once hiked up a ski slop in Vermont with full make-up and hair, and probably some sort of ridiculous accessories. It was hell, but I still tell people that I did it.

Would you go hiking in these?





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