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Color Me Organized

I have been “tripping the light blogosphere” as of late and stumbled upon a great organizing website called Chez Larrson.  Here is the link to the site:

One of the tips that I LOVE is to organize by color.

I love this little jar full of red pens. Does that make me crazy? Don't answer!     



Don’t these red pens look ooo-la-la cute in this little jar that I got  from goodness-knows-where?





Or what about these green pens in this green tomato pickles jar?

 Or how about this old Planter’s peanuts container that I covered with illustrations from a vintage literature textbook?



  (Notice that the pens and pencils are all      in the orange/yellow family.)




 All of these crafty creations belong to the bookcase that sits by my kitchen table. There is this little nook therein, which is my favorite, because it has a few sentimental objects:

  • a photo of my great-grandparents, grandpa and mom
  • the knobby, broken-off gingerbread from my Grampy’s old bookcase
  • a small pineapple paperweight that was a present from my Southern-gentleman friend, R.J.

  • a blue plant holder that belonged to my Grandma Ruth painted with a Currier and Ives winter scene
  • two vintage books: The Bobbsey Twins and Alice in Wonderland


  • fairy dust from my mom (which I am saving for either our (eventual) Fairy Party or for a Hayden/Riley emergency!)

And who is with me while I delve into this miniscule, borderline OCD world of not only organizing but photographing my organization?

Andy Cohen on the DVR:

Snobawl behind the curtain:

And Jax on the couch!

FYI: I know it is obnoxiously luxurious of me to have time to do such tedious, yet entertaining tasks, so don’t hate me, okay? Please. I could be sooooooo much worse! Right? Right? Aw come on! 🙂


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