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Washed Up

Jax amongst the flowers

Fun with the I-phone & PicMonkey


Red means go.


Tonight Jim and I took Jax to the beach. It was around 7ish and the tide was low. Since I have been on spring break, my mind has had proper breathing room and it is so nice to think creatively again! I found myself pondering remnants, the remains of the day so to speak, the washed up flotsam and jetsam at Garden City Beach. I always come home with random trash in my pocket, which reminds me of one of my favorite blogs: The Dainty Squid. It is written by a twenty-something Oregonian with purple/blue/pink hair. She collects beach trash and then I’m not sure what she does with it, but I’m sure it’s something artful. Anyway, if you get the chance, check out her blog. I am going to make a “blogroll” on this site as soon as I can figure that out! Anyway, I am NOT a good photographer, but I LOVE playing around with photo-editing programs and since Picnik is no longer, I used Pic Monkey. This is  my artful interpretation of my evening– trash and all. I was also fascinated by the light and took a million pictures to capture how it was changing on the drive home…which explains the stop light picture.




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